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BDSM Sex Toys A Free bondage site for people who really love the art of loving Bondage & S&M & Fetish Sex! We have all of your fetish needs! We know bondage and we know fun! Cum on in! We believe in safe, sexy bondage sex that is fun! Get kinky with great sex toys and fantastic bondage gear and bdsm toys! Make the most of your lovemaking and bring your lust to new heights with fantastic sex games full of fetish fun and bondage kink!

#2729A   Maid for Bondage Serving Tray
#2729A Maid for Bondage Serving Tray

$ 94.95, Regular Price $ 99.95.

I absolutely love this serving tray! If you're already in bondage, this tray simply straps around your waist and the supporting chains clip to your collar (shown with my #1643A Pride of Ownership Fleece Lined Collar, available separately). Otherwise, you can carry it with your cuffs and collar to present yourself, too! The chains are adjustable to level your tray perfectly and the sexy black patent that faces this lovely tray creates a small ridge so that things can't roll off easily. The chain supporting snap hook will attach to any collar with a front ring if you choose the tray alone. The inside of the tray is curved and lined with soft suede for comfort and this 11" x 14" tray really isn't very heavy at all. In fact, I was surprised at how light it is. This bondage tray can hold all sorts of naughty stuff! (Even things like stawberries and cream! You carry them and they get fed to you - heaven!! *g*) Make it a part of your next playtime!Add the Pride of Ownership fleece lined collar for only $29.95 additional or see my collars pages to add a posture collar or other front ring style collar. Shown with my appropriately named Maid to Serve You dress. One size collar fits up to 17", plus size collar fits up to 21" neck (Add $31.95 for plus size collar). Tray belt fits from 26" to 42" waist.

$ 94.95 Secure check out

#735N Love Swing
#735N Love Swing

Hundreds of combinations of positions for one or two people! This fully adjustable swing includes adjustable hardware for different heights and bounce to hang it with and requires no tools for installation (but bring your own "tools" for after it's up)! The hanging system includes a balance / support bar to hang onto when the going gets rough! *g* Soft padded back and butt supports and extra-wide ballistic weave nylon straps for maximum comfort are all fully adjustable. Includes soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves or thighs. This is a great swing, easy to set up, easy to use, and provides some VERY interesting possibilities! Use some of my restraints to tame your wild ride! Click the smaller photo for a large pic showing a variety of fun positions you can use this sexy swing for! Holds up to 200 lbs. when using the included spring hardware or up to 400 lbs. without the spring.

$ 149.95 Secure check out

#2736E  Leopard Fleece Pleasure Swing
#2736E Leopard Fleece Pleasure Swing

The Pleasure Swing is an incredible device that lets you defy the laws of gravity! Ever thought about sex while suspended? (Yes you have! *g*) This soft, heavily padded swing makes it easy to try out positions you've only dreamt of before. With padded back, thigh and swing straps and hand hold straps that are all adjustable and removable, you can create an number of wild positions that your naughty mind can cum up with! It's years of fun at one low imagine some bondage equipment with this and maybe a couple other toys... years and years of fun! *g* Attaches easily to a single point in your ceiling or door frame. The Pleasure Swing has a bit more padding than my other two swings. Holds up to 200 lbs. when using the included spring hardware or up to 400 lbs. without the spring.

$ 172.95 Secure check out

#2760J  The Swing
#2760J The Swing

$ 127.95, Regular Price $ 137.95.

This sexy swing is great for all kinds of sexual positions. Fly free or fettered by adding your own bondage equipment wherever you like. The Swing includes a bar for you to grab hold of, two padded thigh slings and a padded backrest sling. Attaches into door frame or ceiling stud. Create the wildest suspension positions safely and comfortably - it's a great way to fly! *g* Holds up to 400 lbs.

$ 127.95 Secure check out

#2759J   The Post Master
#2759J The Post Master

This very interesting device lets you and some friends, if you like, have all kinds of fun never before imagined. OK, you've imagined it, you just never got the chance to do it. *g* Well, here's your chance! Is this the perfect device for solo pleasures, or is it a slave's punishment - or reward! You decide in the scenario you choose - there's thousands! Make your slave give you a show on it, take some pleasure yourself while your helplessly bound slave watches...the list goes on and on...but you already knew that! *g* The Post Master includes the steel base, a durable mounted post, a fully adjustable, all position dildo clamp, a protective clamp beret to hide the clamp away from sensitive areas, a comortable cushioned mat, a 7" variable speed vibrator, a 1 oz. personal lubricant and full instructions. (Includes only one mounting bracket and 7" vibrator - photo shows positions the bracket can be used in.) Use the included vibrator or your own dildo or vibe. It delivers satisfaction!

$ 275.95 Secure check out

#2145E   Shave Your Honey Kit
#2145E Shave Your Honey Kit

Be a slick chick! You'll love the incredible sensitivity you'll get from shaving, even trimming! It's the Oh-My-God-I-Can-Feel-Everything look! *g* This kit includes:
- A quality electric trimmer with 5 height adjustments (6 if you remove it for a buzz cut!) with a cleaning brush.
- A sexy, shaped razor to go totally bare!
- A sexy shaped hair styling brush
- Body shave cream, specially formulated for sensitive skin
- Edible passion fruit flavored after shave conditioning lotion that's also great for massages!
A complete 5 pc. kit to keep your lover shaved and / or groomed perfectly! Now what will your reward be? *g* Now that you're extra-sensitive, make sure to try some warming oils and arousal cremes from my lubes and lotions page.

$ 29.95 Secure check out

#185N Sensual Hot Wax #185N Sensual Hot Wax

Oooh, la, la! Master introduced me to hot wax and I must say, I like it! This is a great little kit - four sticks of wicked wax that are over 5" long each! (There's quite a bit of playtime here!) Easy to light and handle, the sticks are just the right size for easy manipulation and aiming - really important! *smiles* Dom's tip: try this on yourself, experimenting with different heights - the higher you hold the melting wax, the less intense the sensation is. Once you're familiar with it, try varying heights to go from mild to wild!

$ 9.95 Secure check out

#947E  Fantasy Liquid Latex
#947E Fantasy Liquid Latex

Indulge your fantasies with these great colors of paint-on liquid latex. Use them to write on your lover or create fantasy body art or tattoos! You'll love playing with this stuff! Take care not to apply to body hair as it will remove it when you remove the dried latex!One fluid ounce bottle comes with a brush on the inside of the cap, just like a bottle of nail polish, so you'll always have the brush handy to create your next Master-piece! *g* Available in black, blue, pink and purple. Please note that these colors appear light in the bottle, but dry much darker to their final color once applied.

$ 9.95 Secure check out

#1108M Cupping Suction Set
#1108M Cupping Suction Set

This wonderful set comes complete with 10 cups of varying sizes, a hand held trigger style suction device with rubber adaptor, plus an instructional booklet and carrying case. Like a larger version of my nipple trick, this set is used for creating suction inside the different sized cups anyhere on your body. Be careful as with too much suction you can create visible "hickeys". Do not use these on any one area for more than 5 minutes each time to avoid possible skin irritation or damage such as bruising. Use them on breasts, buttocks or wherever you'd like to feel these unique sensations. The Chinese used suction devices such as these for theraputic use much like accupunture and accupressure. What uses can you imagine? *g* Click the smaller photo for a better veiw of this fine set!

$ 77.95 Secure check out

#164K Pinwheel Sensation Device
#164K Pinwheel Sensation Device

This is one waaayyy cool little item! The gleaming chrome is a little menacing, but that's what we want, isn't it? *g* Use it a little and it tingles. Use it a little harder and it's prickly. Use it a little harder while you're in sub-space and it becomes another intense sensation that's hard to describe! Total length is 7" including the 1.25" diameter pinwheel head. Try it for truly unique sensations!

$ 22.95 Secure check out

#1412B Secret Desires Leather Mask
#1412B Secret Desires Leather Mask

Reveal your hidden desires with the anonimity of this beautiful mask. Become a diva and live out your most secret inner desires... Best of all, you can do it in style and comfort in this lovely supple leather cat mask! Each strap is 17" in length. The whole mask is leather lined and heavily stitched for long wear.

$ 22.95 Secure check out


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