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BDSM Sex Toys Your Bondage Gear & Toys Headquarters! 100% FREE Bondage Pics, Slave Diary, BDSM Erotica, fetish fun and BDSM pictures, erotic stories, kinky Domination and truly kinky submission of slave girls and slave boys, slave punishment has never been so fun or erotically kinky and bondage has never been so hot and erotic. Great Bondage Toys for Hours Of Kinky Fun! Simply The Best in BDSM Gear! See our Whips, Gags, Floggers, Handcuffs, Restraints, Blindfolds, Ball Gags, Bondage Videos, Latex Lingerie, Latex Rubber Fetish, Nipple Clamps, Vibrators, Sex Toys, Dildos, Strap Ons, Hard Bondage, Bondage Magazines, BDSM Erotica & More! We have it all for your sex toy needs! Soft Bondage to Hardcore Bondage! Get your Great Bondage Gear & BDSM Toys here!

#420M Thin Strap Buckling Ball Gag #420M Thin Strap Buckling Ball Gag

$ 23.95, Regular Price $ 26.95.
Now available in Plus Size!
An exceptional gag! Keeps you helplessly quiet during play. This standard size 1 3/4" rubber ball gag is comfortable and effective. One of my favorites! Once your lover tightens the black leather buckling strap, it's time for fun! Mmmpphh!! One size strap fits up to 24", Plus size fits up to 30". Choose from black or red ball, one size or plus size.

$ 23.95 Secure check out

#1428A  Ballgag & Clamps Set
#1428A Ballgag & Clamps Set

Ballgags are a staple item in just about every toybox. Nipple clamps are a great item to have too... Now you can have both with these great ballgag and nipple clamp sets! Now your sub will be gagged properly when they feel that sexy pinch. Choose from four different types of clamps: Silver Mini Adjustable, Black Mini Adjustable, Tweezer or Clover style (Add $5.00 for clover clamps). All clamps have protective rubber tips and my clover clamps (shown at left in the photo) actually tighten when you pull on them! Just pull your head back and you'll feel intense sensations like you've never felt before! Two "Mmmmpphhh"s up! Choose from black, purple or pink leather strap.

$ 41.95 Secure check out

#451T Wide Strap Buckling Ball Gag
#451T Wide Strap Buckling Ball Gag

A wide 1" strap version of my popular 1 3/4" rubber ball gag above. Great for naughty slaves who need a little bit more control! It just looks more serious, doesn't it? *g* A lovely addition to my personal toy collection that should be in yours too! (See my corsets section for the lovely white satin corset I'm wearing here too!) Choose from black, purple or pink leather strap.

$ 29.95 Secure check out

#480C Sweet Silence Thong Style  Ballgag
#480C Sweet Silence Thong Style Ballgag

$ 17.95, Regular Price $ 19.95.
Tie one of these deliciously candy-like ballgags on your sweetie & revel in the silence! Leather thong strap assures a perfect fit every time and the 1 3/4" ball comes in 5 colors; green, blue, yellow, orange and pink. So cute and so sweet, you'll want them all! (Well, I couldn't choose between the colors, so I have them all! *g*) Assorted colors.

$ 17.95 Secure check out

#457C  Patent Buckling Strap Ball Gag #457C Patent Buckling Strap Ball Gag

$ 20.95, Regular Price $ 22.95.
Colorful, sweet and sexy! These pretty ballgags are non-painted and come in assorted colors. The solid ball is 1.75" in size and resists bite marks and cuts very well! *g* Sexy, shiny riveted patent strap buckles in back for a tight fit on this lovely gag. Three Ball Colors: pink, blue and orange .

$ 20.95 Secure check out

#466S Muffled Passions Ballgag
#466S Muffled Passions Ballgag

Muffle moans and screams of passion with this sexy ballgag! Cinch it tight with the 1” wide supple leather cinch strap and don’t worry about the kids or neighbors! Make all the noise you want – or try to. The 1.75” plastic ball will help keep it all private! *g* Cute ring sides look great too!

$ 28.95 Secure check out

#468S White Thong Style Ballgag
#468S White Thong Style Ballgag

A great gag for starters or to add a little color to your toybox. The 1.75" plastic ball is great for those who tend to bite through gags. *g* Thongs are 12" long each and you can tie this one in tight to make sure your naughty slave won't be taking it out without permission! Sexy, different and inexpensive - everyone needs one!

$ 15.95 Secure check out

#430E Large Cinch Strap Ball Gag #430E Large Cinch Strap Ball Gag

Larger 2" non-painted ball cinches tightly in your slave's mouth. Great for male submissives or females with larger mouths. Quick release cinch style fastener works with a pull to tighten and a squeeze to release. A perfect fit for anyone!

$ 20.95 Secure check out

#483E Rings of Submission Ballgag
#483E Rings of Submission Ballgag

My Rings of Submission ballgag is a sexy non-coated rubber ballgag with ring strapped sides! Gorgeous and effective, this one will keep you quiet for those long nights of passion and like all my other gag selections, it won't leave any paint chips on your teeth! The soft 1.75" diameter ball is soft and a bit spongy making it easy to wear for longer periods of time. (Sounds good, doesn't it? *g*) Choose from black, purple or pink leather strap.

$ 33.95 Secure check out

#1427S Small Jelly Ballgag
#1427S Small Jelly Ballgag

A smaller version of my #439S 2" ballgag below! I just love these little ballgags! The smaller 1 3/4" ball size is much easier for those of us with smaller mouths to wear, especially for extended periods of time. I can wear these cute colored ballgags for hours if need be! *g* Buckling style leather straps are segmented with silver rectangular rings on each side of the ball for a great look and the roller buckle helps you pull the strap tight so it's not coming out! Collect 'em all! *g* Choose from Black, Red or Purple balls.

$ 29.95 Secure check out

#439S 2" Ball Gag #439S 2" Ball Gag

I LOVE these!!! Master surprised me with this new gag - literally! (Product testing can be such hard work! *giggle*) Fits just right with a 2" black or purple rubber ball on a cinch buckle strap in back - just pull it tight and - Mmmmmpphhh!! Very sexy and quite effective, they're all great for adding a sexy new color and size to their ball gag selection! Also in sexy purple and red too! Don't miss the red strap black ball gag - VERY sexy!! (I wanted this one for myself badly!)

$ 29.95 Secure check out

#1448S   Rubber Strap 2” Red Ballgag
#1448S Rubber Strap 2” Red Ballgag

My sexy red jelly ballgag in a big, mouth-filling 2" size with a twist! Rubber cinch straps make this a fine addition for rubber lovers or those who love a little wet playtime with massage oils or bathtime with a gag...a very effective gag! Make sure to see my other rubber bondage also for all kinds of sexy rubber, wet-able toys!

$ 29.95 Secure check out


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